Less admin, more selling

Crikle’s automatic meeting summary, CRM syncing and calendar integrations make it the ultimate productivity hack for remote sales teams

Meetings, summarised. 

End your sales meetings on a high note with a summary of your checklist answers, notes, recordings and time stamps. Cheers to automatic organisation!

Automatically sync to your CRM

No one enjoys updating Hubspot or Salesforce, and we bet someone in your team always forgets. Crikle automatically syncs the meeting summary with your CRM, so you can spend more time hitting those targets and less worrying about admin.

Save time on scheduling with calendar syncing

Connect Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook to Crikle so whenever a meeting is scheduled by you or your buyers, invites are automatically sent and your calendar updated – helping to reduce no-shows and double bookings too.

Make more sales

Crikle’s game-changing remote selling solution combines all your essential sales tools into a single browser screen. Woof woof!
High-definition presenting
Branded video meetings
Sync with CRM
Recording with time stamping
Customisable sales checklists
Shared content library

More sales less fails

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