Remote working

The all in one solution for remote working

Crikle is the most advanced remote guided business solution in the marketplace and offers businesses a more professional way for their executives to work remotely. 

It’s an all in one solution for remote guided business, allowing for its users to create, design, present, collaborate and transact from the same place and replicate in-person sales within a digital context.

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Customised Branding

Crikle allows for a fully white labelled experience where you can customise the platform to add your logo, favicons, colours and more. You can curate it to look and feel like your brand. It’s all your customer will see!

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Professional calling

Work from anywhere with no compromise to quality. Crikle’s live calling feature facilitates high quality, frictionless  calling with your customer. With just one click, they can join the call with no downloads or logins and be transported to your company branded environment. 

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Guided Selling

Crikle facilitates a collaborative selling experience where you and the client explore options together. Tweak the proposal in real time as you receive feedback, shortlist options and guide your customer into making purchase decisions quicker and with more confidence.

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Create a Priced Proposal

Shortlist selections during the session and create a dynamic summary of options customised for the client. You can also create a priced proposal in real-time and add a payment link with no extra effort! Share with the buyer over live call or send remotely.

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