All-in-one sales platform

One unified remote selling solution built for sales teams by sales experts

Communication & collaboration

Build trust and confidence faster with a simple, personalised selling environment.

  • Meeting invitations and management
  • Seamless and fluid presentation platform
  • Curate slides in real time 
  • All media formats in HD 
  • Whitelabeled environment
  • Screen sharing
  • 100% browser based
  • Mobile friendly
  • Calendar Integration to Gmail and Outlook
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Customer Insights

Focus on delivering engaging conversations and selling. Save time and effort by capturing accurate feedback effortlessly directly to CRM.

  • Embedded note taking 
  • Sales checklist with structured questions ensuring you never miss a step 
  • Simplified feedback collection
  • Notes and feedback synced to Salesforce for timesaving and accuracy
  • Call recording capability
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Sales tools and enablement

More structured and productive selling with the ultimate sales toolkit at your fingertips.

  • Simple to manage sales enablement toolkit including: scripts, talk tracks, battlecards, FAQ’s and playbooks
  • Structured selling processes
  • Objection and query management tools
  • Simplified onboarding and sales training
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Content management

Always have the right content at the right time. Easily access the content needed for the perfect pitch.

  • Simple shared Sales & Marketing content library
  • Customise, edit and present directly from Crikle
  • In-call library access for real time adoption
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Sales performance analytics

Optimise sales effectiveness with remote selling performance insights

  • Call interaction tracking
  • Remote sales performance and productivity metrics
  • Sales management dashboard
  • Sales call quality assessment
  • Content engagement tracking
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