The Power of Collaborating with your Customers


The pressure to meet and exceed sales targets has been taking its toll. The remote selling journey now resembles a somewhat robotic process where salespeople have found themselves going through the motions of mass contacting leads, rushing to get their product or service in front of as many of them as possible, and trying to convert them into closed deals in record time. The generic, impersonal nature of this process has led to substantial disconnect between sellers and buyers. In fact, 73% of buyers say that most sales interactions feel too transactional… that’s not a characteristic successful salespeople would associate with their pitches and customer interactions.

This issue has only been magnified by the shift to remote working. With remote sales in particular, both sellers and buyers find it challenging to build an authentic relationship with one another. The virtual environment can seem impersonal, awkward and disjointed, and most virtual platforms and conferencing solutions provide little support and opportunity to ameliorate this growing problem.

Luckily for sales teams there’s simple changes that can be implemented so that the rat race is paused and a genuine connection occurs. It’s time for sellers to involve buyers in the conversation. The back and forth increases trust and perceived competence from the buyers side - they’re communicating with someone who knows what they’re talking about as opposed to reading off a stale sales script. It also helps facilitate an interactive, collaborative experience where the seller is well-equipped to guide the buyer into quicker, better decisions (hello shorter sales cycles!).

Choosing the right technology is the first step in starting your successful remote sales journey - something that’s easy-to-use, made for selling, and serves as your right-hand throughout the process. By using sales tech that facilitates two-way communication and genuine collaboration, feel more confident in their ability to authentically connect with the buyer - something that translates into successful pitches and repeat customers. By involving the buyer in the sales process, sellers can better understand the wants and needs of their buyer and then choose to show certain aspects of the product or service based on that feedback. Personalising the pitch will make buyers feel as if this product or service is made specifically for them, something that will make 80% of them more likely to purchase and get you one step closer to hitting your target.

The curtain is finally closed - standardised, generic presentations are a thing of the past and buyer’s needs are no longer overlooked. Instead, they are the decision-making factor for which direction the conversation (and presentation) need to be taken in. A tailored experience for each and every buyer - now that’s something we can all get behind!

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