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We were founded for business professionals. To enable them to grow their business and succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace. Our platform builds the credibility and authority of these professionals through a video meeting platform that puts their brand and the quality of their work first.


Today's business professionals face constant competition and must always look for new ways of showcasing their visual expertise to stand out from the crowd. Big video communication platforms such as Teams, Zoom and Meet are focused elsewhere, making it difficult for business professionals to display their products and assets in high quality.

Founded by a serial technology entrepreneur, Crikle is a next generation video conferencing platform; hyper-personalised and focused on the growing need for high quality visual communication. Crikle enhances the online presence of businesses with a video communication channel that can be customised with your business and personal branding, to make Crikle appear as your own personal video conferencing platform.

Crikle has a vision where video communication is a fully embedded part of the customer experience of all businesses. For enterprises small and large we aim to build technology that showcases your products and services in the best possible light whilst creating trust for your brand in every customer interaction.

The team

Diwaker Singh
CEO & Founder
Manuel Heilmann
Paul Piccirillo
Sam Chamberlain
Head of Marketing & Design
Guillermo Bresciano
Head of Product & Innovation
Alice Everitt
Ben Davies
Lead Engineer
Customer Success
Charita Venkatesh
Lieza Noorzay
Business Development Manager
Scott Andersen
Business Development Manager
Tim Hall

The advisory team

Radu Georgescu
Serial Entrepreneur
and Venture Capitalist
Michael Ni
Chief Growth Officer
at Coveo
Deepak Prabhakara
Chief Technology Officer at Red Sift
Joris Beerten
Global Commercial Director at OTA Insight
Andy Tam
SaaS Media Marketing Executive

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