A seamless multi-channel customer engagement platform

Website and social media visitors are instantly connected to sales agents at their peak moment of interest via video, voice or text conversation.

The speed of joining a personalised, one-on-one conversation improves customer engagement and increases their likelihood of converting.

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Social Media Connector
Convert Social Media EngagementInto Conversation
Website Widget
Convert Website Traffic Into Qualified Leads

Outreach Platform
Direct Sales Outreach
& Lead Follow-up


Based in London, Crikle was created to solve a universal challenge marketers are facing: how to improve subpar levels of visitor engagement across digital platforms. 

The new generation of digital customers, tech savvy as they are, prefer personalised, real interactions to ensure they are making the right buying decision - AI bots and automated chat responses are not cutting it. This expectation is particularly high for big ticket products and services as well as those where the customer has multiple options to choose from. From the businesses perspective, the key to solving this issue is engaging all visitors - across social, search, website and the like - as quickly as possible to ensure a minimal drop-off rate. 

Planning, design and implementation has been two years in the making. Our team has put together a platform that addresses all these issues and provides a seamless customer experience. Crikle today is in a unique position of leadership to help businesses supercharge their engagement rates and boost ROI.

1. Connection
Easily connect leads to businesses at the point they are most engaged, across all touch points 
2. Conversation
Provide leads with the most engaging and effective digital interaction point with a business – face-to-face video
3. Conversion
Drive leads through the sales funnel faster by giving reps the support tools they need to convert
Our solution: Connect leads to sales teams faster and supercharge conversion rates with video-rich conversations. But don’t take our word for it - Harvard Biz Review said it best
increase in conversion if leads are responded
to within one minute.
more likely to connect
and convert
if leads are responded to within 5 min.
of customers buy from
the business that responds to their inquiry first.

The team

Diwaker Singh
Paul Piccirillo
Sam Chamberlain
Andy Tam
Alice Everitt
Customer Success
Charita Venkatesh
Razvan Bonciu
Abolade Olusanya
Artur Koziol
Khaldoon A. Hamarneh
Paraschiv Mihai Cristian
Sean Gray

The advisory team

Radu Georgescu
Serial Entrepreneur
and Venture Capitalist
Michael Ni
Chief Growth Officer
at Coveo
Deepak Prabhakara
CEO at BoxyHQ
Manuel Heilamann
Joris Beerten
Global Commercial Director at OTA Insight

1,000+ Happy Customers Across Tech, Marketing, Consulting, Travel and Real Estate

Mustafa Ghaddar
- National Head of Showrooms

The Crikle remote sales platform has been a fantastic key addition for Optiplan, ensuring our clients from start to finish, have a safe, informative, and responsive experience, enabling them to achieve their dream kitchens.

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Angus Burnett
- Co-Founder and Director

We have found Crikle to be an invaluable tool to drive sales forwards in an intuitive, professional and efficient way. This is a product you cannot do without during these times and we intend to use it as much as possible from now on.

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Lou Bortone

Crikle finally gives us full control of all aspects, so we can look more professional and have our amazed viewers asking “How’d they do that?”. Crikle really does change the game - and I have a feeling I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg so far.

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Andrew Briggs
- Head of Design

The engagement that we have with Crikle has enabled us to sell our products nationally. Crikle is here to stay with us.

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Reduce the cost of customer acquisition across paid search and social media

Convert traffic into live video conversations