What do we do?

Our aim is to continually improve the communication between businesses and customers, across every digital channel – translating the intangibles of human interaction into tangible business results.

Crikle is a live customer engagement platform which instantly connects your customers, website visitors and social media viewers to your customer service or sales agents via video chat—right at the moment of peak interest. What’s more, this can be done in any channel.

Engaging customers and prospects via the human touch of video chat directly impacts overall business performance.

Why we do what we do

Today’s customers are demanding. They want to connect with businesses on their terms. Yet many businesses still force them to engage on their terms. A limited range of contact channels that bias towards self-serve. Automated engagements in every channel. AI and chatbots abound. This is not only bad for customers but also for business, as customers are now more willing – and able – than ever to change to a competitor that treats them like an individual, not a number.

A simple fact will always ring true: customers still want to speak with businesses – and always will. With close to 90% of companies competing on customer experience alone, you can no longer continue to the old way of doing things. Video chat is now an essential aspect of the modern customer experience. No other online communication conveys the same degree of personal connection, empathy, and customer service that customers demand. It’s a significant advantage.

Video consistently outperforms text and images in getting people’s attention

Meet our people

The planning, design and implementation of Crikle have been two years in the making. In that short time, our expert team has built a superior platform which boosts conversions while providing a seamless customer experience. In fact, Crikle is already in a unique position of leadership, enabling businesses to supercharge their engagement rates and boost ROI at lightning speed!


Diwaker Singh


Paul Piccirillo


Sam Chamberlain


Andy Tam


Artur Kozol

Customer Success

Capucine Oddo-Porter


Charita Venkatesh


Mario Iliasi


Razvan Bonciu

Marketing and Branding Assistant

Gursehaj Singh Bhattal

Radu Georgescu

Serial Entrepreneur

Michael Ni

Chief Growth Officer, Coveo

Deepak Prabhakara


Manuel Heilamann

B2B Sales Consultant

Joris Beertan

Global Commercial Director at OTA Insights

Supercharge your conversion rate

You’ll be astonished by what happens when you accelerate the speed at which leads are connected to your team. And don’t just take our word for it—see what Harvard Business Review found about how video-rich conversation has the power to supercharge your conversion rate:

increase in conversion if leads are responded to within 1 minute

more likely to connect and convert if leads are responded to within 5 minutes

increase in conversion if leads are responded to within 1 minute

Ready for the benefits of enhancing customer engagement?

With Crikle, convert your social media engagement into conversation and your web traffic into qualified leads and current customers into long-term repeat business. From outreach and direct sales, to inbound and customer support, use Crikle to deliver immediate results for business and your customers – it’s a win-win.

73% of business leaders report a direct link between customer service and business performance